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Past Program Descriptions

Pollution Prevention (P2) and Environmental Management System (EMS) Capacity Building funded by EPA Region 6: This project involved conducting train-the-trainer pollution prevention and EMS audits and conducting workshops on consumer conservation and organizational culture change. State government employees and other environmental service providers in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Arkansas were trained at conducting audits and site assessments in many industrial settings including a large petrochemical facility, a mid-size wire manufacturer, and a small metal finisher. Consumer conservation and organizational culture change workshops were also conducted in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas with partners from state environmental agencies and businesses in each state. Measurable results were achieved including $44,405 in savings, 1,717 gallons of gasoline conserved, 19,000 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions eliminated or offset, 10,072 cubic feet of trash diverted, 42,636 KWhr of electricity conserved, 128,218 gallons of water conserved, and 704 CCF of natural gas conserved. (Project dates 2004-2007.)

EPA Region 6 Roundtable cross-training and pollution prevention in government funded by EPA Region 6: This project involved coordinating the Region 6 Pollution Prevention Roundtable, scaling-up our consumer conservation curriculum to the national level, and delivering consumer conservation curricula in three government sectors (military, university, and secondary school). Measurable results achieved include annual savings of $77,190, 4,187 gallons of gasoline conserved, 182,170 lbs of CO2 emissions eliminated, 1,874 cubic feet of trash diverted, 61,270 KWhr of electricity conserved, 90,722 gallons of water conserved, and 487 CCF of natural gas conserved. (Project dates 2005-2007.)

Consumer environmental education for secondary school students funded by EPA Headquarters Environmental Education Program: This project involved adapting our curriculum to middle schools in Texas, correlating the content to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) requirements, and training teachers to deliver the curriculum. Workshops were held for teachers from the Fort Bend Independent School District (ISD) near Houston, at a U.S. Department of Education state-wide event for teachers, and at the Texas Association for Environmental Education annual state-wide conference. Measurable results were reported including total savings of $24,120, 601 gallons of gasoline conserved, 44,496 pounds of CO2 eliminated, 1,241 cubic feet of trash diverted, 18,078 KWhr of electricity conserved, 398 CCF of home fuel conserved, 55,941 gallons of water conserved, and 43% use of curriculum. (Project dates 2005-2008.)

Measurement and evaluation capacity building for Region 6 state to enhance program outcomes: A Nurtured World provided training and capacity building for Region 6 states to enhance the effectiveness of measurement activities and developed calculation and follow-up methods for the region. Hands-on training was provided in conducting follow-up site visits and using the measurement methodologies at varied sites such as manufacturers and hospitals. The measurement tool developed for this project incorporated metrics required by the U.S. EPA pollution prevention program and by the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Pollution Prevention Results System. Under this project, results documented included over $120,000 in savings, 14,196 pounds of non-hazardous material reduced, 2,034 pounds of medical waste reduced, 33,357 pounds of hazardous waste reduced, 1,661,163 pounds of non-hazardous waste reduced, 246,911 pounds of carbon dioxide reduced, 11,549 pounds of air pollution reduced (excluding CO2), 1,582 MM Btu of energy conserved, and 18,733 gallons of water conserved. (Project dates 2005-2008.)

Seeding a city-wide Environmental Management System in Dallas and providing pollution prevention training for Region 6 P2 providers: This project involves providing consumer education to the public and businesses, providing commute solutions workshops to large businesses, and providing hands-on pollution prevention site visit training for Region 6 pollution prevention providers. Final results are still being calculated for this project and will be available soon. (Project dates 2008-2010.)

More project updates will be coming soon including updates on our Applied Materials Foundation grant that helped us upgrade low income homes with energy and water efficient appliances and solar panels; our EPA Headquarters grant that is expanding our secondary school curriculum to two more states; our EPA Region 6 grant to bring the 1house at a time program and programmatic capacity to New Orleans, Louisiana and Pasadena, Texas; and our EPA Region 6 grant to develop methods to drive consumer behavior change to reduce air pollution and measure those change using methods suitable for inclusion in the State Implementation Plan.

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