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Organization/Community Culture Change

Effective environmental performance depends on the attitudes and views of both management and employees. There are many areas of environmental performance that can only be addressed when each and every employee takes certain actions. Recycling rates and energy conservation are strongly influenced by individual behavior. Potentially serious activities, like assuring the proper disposal of hazardous waste, are also affected by individual actions. These actions are driven by the individual viewpoints and attitudes of employees.

I'm more aware of what I am doing and how it affects my environment.  I now take steps to reduce, usuage, and unnecesary expenditure of time and or money.
I learned how to save money and, at the same time, positively affect and help the environment. Attendee from Workshop at Texas Army National Guard - Camp Mabry

Attitudes and personal viewpoints may be one of the most important factors for achieving high levels of performance. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to bring about change.

A Nurtured World's training programs get to the heart of what promotes positive action by encouraging attendees to examine their viewpoints about money, the environment, and personal satisfaction. This approach brings about real change and translates into an improved corporate culture.

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