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Measured Results

  • Training provided to over 1,500 individuals from the public and private sector including state, local, and federal government; industrial and high-tech industry; the military; and non-profit and community groups.

  • Measurable results from Consumer Conservation Workshops include averages of $2,000 in savings per person and 2.2 tons of carbon dioxide per person. Total results include savings of $302,000; 3,261 MM Btu conserved; 597,000 gallons of water conserved; 631,000 pounds of solid waste reduced or recycled; 13,105 pounds of air pollutants eliminated (not including CO2), and 334 tons of carbon dioxide reduced. This is based on a 24% follow-up rate of attendees.

  • Measurable results from our industrial assistance and capacity building include a total of $250,000 in savings; 2,808 MM Btu conserved; 88,773 gallons of water conserved; 14,196 pounds of non-hazardous materials conserved, 2,034 pounds of regulated medical waste eliminated; 33,537 pounds of hazardous waste reduced; 1.7 million pounds of solid waste reduced; 18,869 pound of air pollutants reduced (not including CO2); and 227 tons of CO2 reduced.

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