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Clients and Testimonials

A Nurtured World’s workshops have been conducted at well-known venues such as NASA Johnson Space Center, the Lower Colorado River Authority, the City of Dallas, Houston Advanced Research Center, Advanced Micro Devices, Texas Army National Guard (Camp Mabry), Heifer International, EPA Region 6, and The University of Texas at Austin.

Participants have reported saving thousands of dollars and have noted measurable reductions in pollution. The average saving from our workshops is $2,000 per year per person. One participant reported savings as much as $16,000 per year. Here are quotes from some of our attendees

"Wow! This has made a huge impact on how I view things." - Attendee from workshop at Lower Colorado River Authority Workshop

"Money can be saved in many more places than I thought." - Attendee at The University of Texas at Austin.

"Great group activities. As a communications major, I appreciate the emphasis on spoken word - you're right on!" - Participant at The City of Dallas

"It got me thinking about those CD's I used in my presentations. I'd use them for back up and then throw them away. I thought about all those CD's building up in a dumpster." - Brad Clayton, EPA

"I learned how to think about environmental impacts in a broader context of what I do and to think more about why I do things and if they are important in my value system." - Participant at the Lower Colorado River Authority

"This feels like a subject [consumer conservation] that is off limits for some reason... no one wants to talk about it or act on it. I can't begin to express my gratitude about what you all are doing." - Stan Hitt, EPA

"I'm simply much more aware of things... and that's the first step." - Kathy Stephens, Heifer International

"Great job of presenting a very difficult concept." - Participant from The City of Dallas

"I learned how to save money and, at the same time, positively affect and help the environment." - Participantat Texas Army National Guard (Camp Mabry)

"Very thought provoking but also action focused." - Participant at The University of Texas at Austin

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