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A Nurtured World is dedicated to a global change in the way people think about the environmental impact of their day-to-day activities - at home and in the workplace. We help people live environmentally sustainable, financially successful, and satisfying lives. Our work is unique. We provide motivation and education for people of all backgrounds.

We help individuals identify the connections between personal finances, health, satisfaction, and environmental impact. You will learn how to change your behavior in order to:


  • Save money!
  • Spend time on the things you enjoy!
  • Improve your health!
  • Live more consistently with your values!
One attendee saved over $8,000. She is now saving half her monthly income. Asked what she was going to do with the extra money, she said Retire!

A Nurtured World's training programs are also used by businesses and organizations to:

  • Save money and improve environmental performance.
  • Increase environmental awareness.
  • Build effective Environmental Management Systems (EMS).
  • Conduct meaningful outreach to the community

A Nurtured World's training programs help city and local governments achieve community-wide goals for air quality, water conservation, and solid waste reduction.

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